Gateway240 LLC is owned and operated by Alex Beattie and is dedicated to providing your gateway to the future with rapid digital prototyping services. Gateway240 focuses on sustainability in tech, enabling early stage entrepreneurial success, and building the impossible.

Alex brings a unique mix of interdisciplinary engineering, technological skills, and entrepreneurship. Through university training and hands on experience, Alex has tackled modern engineering challenges from apps to embedded systems.

Alex is joined by his brother, Nate Beattie, who brings a sustainability-focused mindset with software engineering and electronics hardware repair experience. His goal is to create everything with a mindset preparing for the future.

Why Gateway240?

  • A networking gateway is used to connect you to the general internet. The Internet Engineering Task Force reserved the Class E address range, which begins with, for future use in the original IPv4 specification. That makes Gateway240 your gateway to the future!
  • The Gateway Arch monument represents “The Gateway to the West”. As a St. Louis, Missouri native, this creates a strong connection to my hometown.