TCAKL Short Term Rental Agreement

This Short Term Rental is made by and between The Cabins at Kenai Lake LLC (TCAKL) and the “Guest” The parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. The property is furnished and includes linens, towels in the sauna house, woodstove and firewood, propane cook top, propane BBQ, basic kitchen setup, both basic and paper plates, cups, and silverware, water containers, a large cooler, and a garden cart to help transport items from car to cabin.
  2. Rental Party: The rental party shall consist of the Guest and accompanying persons:
  3. Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of guests is limited to 6 persons. An additional charge or $15 per person per night for guests in addition to 2 will be assessed.
  4. Term of the Lease. The lease begins at 3 p.m. on the “Check-in Date” and ends at 11 a.m. on the “Checkout Date”.
  5. This property requires a minimum stay. Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday periods. If a rental is taken for less than 3 days, it must be with prior arrangement with TCAKL and may incur a higher rate.
  6. The guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else the Guest permits on the property to abide by the rules as well.
  7. The guest shall allow TCAKL access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. TCAKL shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.
  8. Rental conditions and preexisting damage: If the premises appear dirty or damaged upon check-in, the guest shall take photos and inform TCAKL immediately.
  9. Payment in full shall be due within 30 days of the Check-in Date.
  10. Cancellation Policy: If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation, the deposit will be refunded as follows: 100% if cancelled 30 days prior to the Check-in Date 0% if cancelled 29 or less days prior to the Check-in Date
  11. Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance. There are options provided during the booking process for purchasing such insurance.
  12. Payment is only via the VRBO/Homeaway or AirBnB website.

Rental Rules:

We feel privileged to offer you a unique and splendid opportunity to spend time in wild Alaska! We also have the obligation to alert you to the rules and some of the inherent risks that come with this experience.

  1. Smoking is allowed outside only.
  2. People other than those in the Guest party set forth above may not stay overnight in the property. Any other person on the property is the sole responsibility of Guest.
  3. All of the units are privately owned; The owners and TCAKL are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. TCAKL is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.
  4. Keep the property and all furnishings in good order.
  5. Only use appliances for their intended uses.
  6. Parking is limited to 2 vehicle(s). Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Parking on the road is not permitted. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  7. The grounds have been improved but are not landscaped. The trails and other surfaces are uneven. Exercise caution.
  8. The buildings are old and may not meet common building codes. Stair treads and handrail heights may not be standard. Railings are not to code. Dangerous conditions are to be reported to TCAKL immediately. Exercise caution.
  9. Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens are included in the unit and bath towels are available at the sauna, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate.
  10. Fireplace: Heat is provided by a wood stove. This necessitates matches and fire. Fire mitts are supplied for handling the stove when hot. It is always a good idea to wear work gloves when handling firewood to avoid blisters or splinters. Exercise extreme caution if splitting wood to make fire starts. Please do not burn any paper or materials other than wood in the fireplace except when starting the fire. Small children around hot wood stoves are not recommended. Please contact us in advance for options.
  11. Cooking: Please fry bacon, fish, and other greasy, oily items on the BBQ burners provided outside. The raw untreated wood absorbs odors and they linger.
  12. Ground fires “bonfires” are allowed only on the beach gravel when Lake water levels allow and when wind conditions are still. The Duff (dry Moss) can easily lead to underground and forest fires when these rules are broken.
  13. Water and Septic: The cabin/property has a hand pump well and dry outhouse. The property has 2 hand pump wells. The well water has a high concentration of iron but is completely potable. We recommend using the provided water filter pitchers if you wish to remove the irony taste or color. The Outhouse is very efficient; however, it will smell badly if paper is placed down the hole. DO NOT put ANYTHING artificial in the hole. ALL PAPER and feminine products should be PLACED IN THE WASTE BINS PROVIDED.
  14. Storms: No refunds will be given for storms. Mountain roads can be curvy and steep. Gravel drives are well maintained; however, we highly recommend four wheel drive and/or chains during the snow months. We do not refund due to road conditions.
  15. Drones: Operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (drones) is prohibited everywhere at The Cabins At Kenai Lake except with the express written consent of the owner or property manager(s).

Sauna And Swimming Addendum

Bathing at the wood-fired Sauna is available and can be a wonderful way to spend time at the cabin, however it is done at your own risk. Consultation with your doctor is advised prior to sauna use. The Sauna is a communal facility and its use is shared with other cabin guests. Cordiality and sharing is expected in its timing and use.

The lake is glacial water and is quite cold (The water temperature never exceeds 51 degrees Fahrenheit) Swimming is not recommended and to be done at your own risk! Buckets are provided to warm water in the sauna room and provide water for “bucket showers”

Hot Tub Addendum

A rain filled wood-fired hot tub may be available for extended stays with prior arrangement. No children under the age of 4 permitted in hot tubs at any time. When using the hot tub, remember there is a certain health risk associated with this facility. Use at your own risk. For an additional fee of $100 it may be possible for our staff to drain, sanitize, refill and replenish water in the tub with your prior arrangement. The Hot tub will be cold until you heat it (this may take as long as 18 hours). Remember when not using the hot tub, leave insulation and cover on so hot tub water will stay warm.

Watercraft Addendum

Watercraft provided by TCAKL are to be used at your own risk. PFD use is mandatory. Watercraft should not be used when the lake is windy. A capsize will be fatal.

Pet Addendum

It is hereby agreed by and between TCAKL and the guest that the guest may have a pet in the vacation home upon prior verbal approval and subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and this addendum. The guest hereby agrees to comply the following:

  1. The guest is not subject to an additional pet fee
  2. All pets must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations.
  3. All pets must be leashed at all times.
  4. The guest is responsible for cleaning up any/all pet refuse.
  5. Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time. Any evidence of pets on furniture may incur extra cleaning fees.
  6. Pets must not cause damage to premises or furnishings. If damages are caused, the cost of the damage will be billed to the guest.
  7. The guest should prevent pets from producing excessive noise that disturbs neighbors.
  8. Pets will not be left unattended for an undue length of time, either indoors or out. Pets will not be left unattended on balcony, patio, or porch.
  9. TCAKL assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets or humans while on the premises.
  10. The Guest shall be solely responsible for the pet while on the property. DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS is strictly prohibited. The property feels wonderfully remote but there are unseen year-round neighbors with children and pets in all directions. It is not possible to fire safely in any safe direction.

By booking this accommodation, I agree that all rental monies are non-refundable per the cancellation policy above and agree to the terms of this Short Term Rental Agreement.